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ABS Alarm Company Client Testimonials

"I just want to send a quick thank you for the amazing customer service you provided me with when activating my service. I am so happy to have found ABS Alarm.

I previously worked for a large company that ripped off customers, had pushy sales people, and really bad and unfriendly customer service. I quit that job to work for a smaller outfit where I knew the customer really mattered. My point being, you made me feel as though I mattered. Unlike Bay and the horrible ADT that pre-charged me $100.00 for an "upgrade" before I ever signed anything!! They won't even refund me for 30 days!

I am so pleased to do business with ABS Alarm. Janet was pleasant on the phone and Doug was awesome in person. Thank you so much for everything.

--Amber Williams (Brentwood, CA), August 2013

"I appreciated the time and effort spent to update our system. It is now very user friendly. We also appreciate the reasonable cost to upgrade."

--S. Werner, June 2004

"Whenever I had to call your office the operator has always been awesome. She always makes me feel important. Overall, the service is great. I have had service from other companies and ABS Alarm is by far the best."

--William Chavaria, October 2004

"I am very happy with our new system (ABS Alarm). I feel safe now. Thank You."

--Lilliam Shyam, June 2004

"Thanks for everything. I am so happy with my alarm system."

--Liz, 2005

"Central station response time is excellent!"

--Leland Kammerer, April 2004

"Very pleased with overall service. People wonderful to work with. Very prompt and willing to help. Thank you!"

--D. Pillian, December 2003

"We are so glad we changed. We have much more confidence that we are in better hands. Thanks! "

--Nola A. Padgett

"We have been with ABS Alarm now for five years and have been extremely pleased with both their product knowledge and service provided."

-- Monica Simsek Operations Manager Peterson Power

"Both the customer service and technicians at ABS Alarm have been outstanding.  We definitely recommend ABS Alarm Co."

--Teresa Perkins Account Manager, Laidlaw

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